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Heartfull Parenting
By Tonia Jones

"About the Author"

Tonia Jones became deeply committed to living and teaching spiritual Truth in 1987. Her professional career began in the therapeutic arena by helping addicts attain sobriety. As a result of her work with addicts in the treatment setting, Tonia realized the importance of people being very clear on their relationship to divinity in order for healing to occur in a deep and irrevocable way. Since this realization, she has expanded and stretched her commitment to the world to be all about teaching people the importance of being who they truly are from their soul, rather than what they may have come to believe themselves to be from messages received from the external world.

Her commitment has been demonstrated in many different settings, including speaking and teaching engagements in churches, treatment centers, colleges and universities, the media, and finally through her private counseling practice at the South Congress Healing Center in Austin, TX., which she founded in 1997. Through her work, Tonia has touched the lives of literally thousands of people. Indeed she serves the world as an expression of the Christ within and an example of life lived by inner guidance. Tonia has a great teacher for living her mission; her son C.J.

Tonia hopes that as a result of this column, you too will find that the children in your life can be some of the greatest teachers you could ever have, just by them being truly….exactly who they are; Divine expressions of the Infinite.

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