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Spirit Ride
By Donaia De Marco


Summer has come to its natural close and the harvest is about to begin! Two new phrases were activated in me this past month. The first, "the inner life of a moment" was said by a young man in a film on HBO Signature. It has me contemplating all kinds of ways to open up a moment and go deep inside. As I watch those Olympic champions stand on the podium and listen to their country's anthems, I ponder the inner life of their moment. As their eyes well up, I get a feel for their work and dedication to the fulfillment of their dreams and only imagine the hours of blood, sweat and tears of preparation. So much of a person's life is encapsulated right there in those moments of being honored especially since NBC wisely chose to interject their telecast with many wonderful stories. Back in the late fifties I remember seeing a black and white TV episode of "The Twilight Zone" in which a confederate soldier was being hung. The door on the floor of the platform released, but somehow the man fell into the river below. During the whole show, I watched him being chased by soldiers until finally he makes his way back home, running into his wife's joyous, open arms. Suddenly, you hear a thump-thud…and the scene returns to the hanging platform, the camera focused on his dangling legs! The whole half-hour sequence was the last moment of the soldier's conscious life! I sat there stunned with the commercial flashing on the screen. I really believed the soldier was free. Perhaps he was. I would have liked to talk to his wife to hear of her experiences at the time her husband was being hung. Perhaps he got through to her. Besides, it was only a TV show! Dennis Miller on the last Monday Night Football broadcast asked his fellow announcers in jest, "Hey…is this game being played yesterday?"

Often we hear metaphysical writers refer to the vertical plane. Vertical in the realm of time implies the heights and depths of a moment…not the beginning and end. And perhaps it refers to some kind of passage of time which we humans have not yet learned to measure. Certainly in the precious realms of intimacy, we awaken to moments which override the familiar and go deeper and higher into the merging vibrations of Oneness. Intimacy seems to be not something we do…so much as something we become…and therefore are…when we allow ourselves to be intimate, that is. We sort of flip onto a vertical plane when we get deeply involved with someone or something. And, it's a plane where there are no rules or traditions or where rules and traditions merely point the way. This vertical plane is not especially comfortable for some at first. When I teach Reiki, there is usually a point in a student's life when he or she wants more to do. They want more action. Someone once said that it is difficult to describe the plant to one who has only beheld the seed. The vertical plane seems to be something we each experience individually…often as part of a group or endeavor. When those athletes stand on that podium, their lives must flash before them, and only they know what it took to get to their moment of aspiration. Only they know what inspired them enough to utilize Will to ride the tide of achievement! By the same token, only Esther Kim knows what transpired to inspire her to bow out of the American Taekwondo competition so her injured friend, Kay Poe, could compete in the Olympic games!

This extraordinary act of friendship associated with these games leads me to the second insight which activated me this month and which perhaps is a key to the vertical plane. The second phrase, "love as if you've never been hurt," came via some fun pages on the Internet and tickled my imagination with memories of when I didn't know I would or could even get hurt. Now, after years of experience, the phrase may point to some innovative kind of innocence. Think about it…"as if you've never been hurt"…how's that for courage? A quiver of anxiety activates in my solar plexus, and I shiver as past adventures in naivete jog my mind. I'm wiser now but that might simply refer to being more protected. Over the past ten years, I have been experimenting with and thereby experiencing forms of unconditional love as I deepen my experience with the Spirit of Oneness. However…as Rumi says, "Form does not know about spiritual closeness." When they rolled that gigantic, sheer curtain down from the top of the stadium passing it over all the athletes standing in the middle of the field, they flashed on a massive image of the a dove with an olive branch, a traditional symbol for the Holy Spirit. I was literally moved up out of my chair at home thousands of miles away as the athletes hand-over-hand joyously moved the dove forward. Tears filled my eyes and I whispered, "They know! They have consciously brought in the Holy Spirit to open the games! Peace will be on earth." All of us who saw those opening ceremonies were literally, visually impressed with images of awakening, evolution and unity. The message is clear…we were about to embark on an adventure in Love…even within the context of competition.

My youngest son is down there working the games for the company producing the website "" Peter is sending journal entries to a circle of friends back here in the states. He writes of all the different ways of the people eating in the dining commons and how all the different broadcast systems have to be interconnected. He writes of the security check points and how they try to kid with the young Aussie guards who will have none of it. He writes of how a young boy out on the practice field who had just finished dancing for the opening ceremonies jumped into his arms in exuberance asking, "Are you American?" Peter says things are very smooth down there considering all the diversity compacted into such a limited space. This gathering of athletes, their families and spectators, the media and the workers converging on Sydney from all over the world is a masterpiece of humanity. Even with the drug-testing undercurrent, we watched human beings merging into Oneness by appreciating, honoring, and reveling in the dedication and commitment of individuals to go beyond what was previously thought possible. Yes, we see some agony of defeat, but we appreciate the dignity of having arrived at the games in the first place. We humans reach heights of performance when we hold nothing back…when we love as if we've never been hurt. Rumi says, "The only way to measure a lover is by the grandeur of the beloved." Hats off to the Aussies for the 2000 Olympics…they opened their arms to the rest of the world and hosted a gathering of aspirants with warm-hearted, good cheer. As the high-flying, thirteen-year-old Nikki Webster sang at the closing ceremony, we will be One. We know surely that Love is in the air. Now, all we have to do is allow Love to flourish and join in the sowing and reaping. Namaste, my friends.

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