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Many thanks to all of you who participated in the "Definition of Love" Contest. We were deeply touched by many of the entries and feel especially blessed to have had the opportunity to share in the thoughts of the following "Winning Entries".

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"Love is when two can be one and two can be two without fear."

Ms. Rochelle Deborah Bernard



I wrote this a couple years ago to my boyfriend when he asked me how much I loved him I told him:
If you count every grain of sand on the beaches,
every star up in the sky,
and every drop of rain that has ever fallen to this Earth,
And add them all up,
then multiply that by every second I have known you,
that's how much I love you.

His response was, "I love you, too."



Love is a tiny red-headed baby girl who has who has already fought more battles to live in her first 12 months then most people fight in their entire lives. Love is a Grandma who sleeps in a hospital chair just "to be near". Love is a Grandpa who gives up everything to see the frailest of lives bloom. Love is a Daddy who visits the hospital at 3 am to cry over the perfection of a tiny hand. Love is a Momma who ignores death to protect her baby's life. Love is a baby girl who survived against the odds. Her name is Lily Isabelle Love.

Susan Love


Love is the giving of time, as time is finite and precious.
Love is the giving of energy, passion and life, as all are short-lived and expendable.
Love is the giving of memories, as they can outlive a lifetime.
Love is the giving of all of oneself in the short time that each of us has.

Daisy Hodgson


This is love: I had a really bad day not too long ago. My husband and I were really financially hurting and we didn't know some days whether we could even afford to eat the next day. I was dragging myself around the house, and eventually gave up and took a nap, I was so depressed. When I awoke, I found that my husband had printed off a dozen roses from the computer and laid them beside me on the bed. Although we had no money, he still found a way to let me know we had something more valuable....LOVE

Julie Fialkowski


Previous Top Five Entries

" Love is very simple. Love is the journey and destination of life."

Matthew A. Klainer



Love is what I feel for my three children, every day of my life. It's how I feel when I see their smiling faces when they've finished an art project. It's how I feel when I dry their tears because someone has hurt their feelings. It's how I feel when I'm cleaning and all of a sudden I feel a pair of little arms hugging my legs. It's how I feel when I look in on them at night and they're all snuggled up in their beds. It's how they make me feel every second of every day- truly loved.

Karen L.


"See you soon" instead of "goodbye",
"I'm sorry" instead of "I told you so",
"I'll be right there" instead of "I'll be right here"
"Love means you'll never be alone."

Heather Golladay


Love is when your heart leaps so far into your throat that you can no longer speak evil words.
Love is when the anger inside of you is replaced with sincerity and hope.
Love is also when that empty place inside of you is full,
when you are complete.
Love is life.



" Love is a great drug: it makes sensible people lose control of rhyme and reason entirely,
and hopeless wanderers see the path of happiness in clear view."

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