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Previous Contest Winners!
Many thanks to all of you who participated in the "Definition of Love" Contest. We were deeply touched by many of the entries and feel especially blessed to have had the opportunity to share in the thoughts of the following "Winning Entries".

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Previous WINNERS

LOVE is a feeling that's deep down inside;
IT wants to come out and stay alive.
IT wants to be nourished and blossom in spring;
Never knowing what the next day will bring.

LOVE is more precious than silver or gold;
IT'S more than a value and cannot be sold.
IT'LL stay deep inside you and NEVER grow cold;
so if you LOVE someone LET THEM BE TOLD.

Nancy Locke



Love is not an emotion.
It is an act of the will.
It is a state of being that constitutes patience, kindness, goodness,
forgiveness, envylessness, and humility.
God is love.

Kristie Guess


Love is the sparkle in the eyes of your beloved when they are with you. It is the energy that creates days of wonder and learning. It lifts us up and acknowledges our being. It transcends the worldly and transports us into the realm of forever. It is the Creator manifested.

Connie Johnston

Love is... in, instead of giving up.
...holding on, instead of holding back.
...making an effort, instead of making excuses.

Love is...
...kissing at stoplights.
...dancing in the rain.
...hugging when life hurts.

Love is...
...discovering the beauty of each new day because you are together.
...touching hearts while holding hands.
...the mysterious tear that comes to your eyes when you wake up in each other's arms.

Love is...
...the most precious gift I have ever received.

Love is...
...the way I feel about my husband.


"Two people sharing the same heart."


Other Great Entries

Love cannot be defined for it is the ultimate emotion. How can one reveal to another the sinking of their heart if that person has not felt the same before? How can you make someone understand the smell of love. The smell that sends your heart into a trance. How can you attest the depth of "deep" blue eyes? You know yourself that there can't be a bottom, but how can someone else understand? How soft is her skin? How wet are her tears? How tight do you hold her? How passionate are her kisses? Why do you weep when she leaves you? Love cannot be defined for it is the ultimate emotion.

Chris Gomersall



Love is in short a crazy maddening headache followed by a quick bit of euphoria with a splash of warmth & coldness which is accompanied by a long slow dance.

Philip Chang


Love is like a besieged fortress, people outside struggling to get in, and those inside desperate to get out.


Love is the when the thought of the loved one pops into your mind frequently, for no apparent reason, even after there has been no contact for days (months, years) and causes one to wonder about how things are in their life and send them silent wishes of well-being and life's joy.

Waurene Roberson

Love is two things, which go hand in hand . . . these two qualities are lovers, one might say. Both of them must be present and very alive in any lasting romance.

One is the fascination, the joy in life/with/lover rather than simply joy in life; it is love for the person's nonphysical qualities. The light in his eyes as he chases a dream . . . the wacky brilliance of the dreams she chases; the moody darkness of the paintings he creates . . . and how she can drive that darkness out of him to fall upon the canvas in beauty rather than the destructiveness it might have been, were they not together. The four-dimensional almost clockwork fit of the lovers like pieces in a puzzle; this is the true love that makes a relationship, gay or straight, work in the long run. This can also exist in best friends . . . Kirk and Spock, for example, on the Enterprise, had this unspoken symbiosis of delight and success, logic, emotion, and logical emotion.

The other element is, naturally, sexual attraction. A more volatile thing, a more fragile thing, but ever powerful -- like fire, that's the only way of describing it. Extremely dangerous, even -- this sort of longing has caused wars and halted them, killed, and (copiously in mythology) brought the dead back to life. Like a fire, though, it can burn itself out, quickly or slowly -- and whether or not it relights, a totally unpredictable prospect, the first kind of love is needed to carry the romance through when the flame of desire is dim.

Without the sexual desire, the lover is not, but is a friend. Without the first kind of love, s/he might as well be a "personal amusement". Both elements, together, like fire and earth, go hand in hand to create true love.



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