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Spirit Ride
By Donaia De Marco


There is a Soul within me that wants to gallop, but I can truly say, "Sometimes, it scares the heck out of me." Perhaps my physical body is not used to the intensity, perhaps my mind cannot comprehend the simplicity… perhaps, I just feel little and helpless. Whatever…but I'm learning to have faith in what I am in awe of.

When the little miracle happens (like when the mailbox appears just as I'm wondering if I have driven past it), I smile as I pull over and say, "Thanks, God…right on time." Then, I take a big breath as I drive away and realize the creative process does work. If I express no harm and ripple the Source with a clear intention, I can rest in faith. It will be there for me in the perfect time and place.

Of course, the perfect time and place is not always what we expect. That can manifest quite a rub. However, not getting what we expect can turn into fun. Besides the thrill of "beyond our wildest dreams"…don't you just love surprises?

I stained an unfinished, little table the other day. I knew exactly what it was going to look like. I was pleased. When I sat down to stain, it was on a chilly October morning in New England and I had left the paint can out on the porch. The stain felt thick to me. Sure enough, it went on much heavier than I anticipated. I sanded and sanded, but I could not bring the finish to my expectation. Now, however, as I look at that little table, I really like it. Though it is not what I expected…it has a darker, more antique look…it fits right in with the wainscoting just behind it

These little things are awesome to me. All over Christianity it is said, "Be as a child." When I spend the afternoon with my 20-month-old granddaughter, I come home with a better sense of that declaration. She is in a brand, spanking New World; she wants to know "whasssat?" about sights and sounds. She asks me to "hoe dit? and "tuch it" when something solid attracts her attention. An awesome external reality is forming for her. I am conscious of what I say to her, for she is just learning to relate.

And, isn't that exactly what I am doing myself…re-learning how to relate…with a universe that is responsive? Of course, the Universe has always been responsive…letting me create out of my fear and doubt, my self-pity and resentment…but I thought it was being done to me…not by me or through me. Now I am focused on Source, remembering to do unto others as I would have done unto me.

I like smooth and easy, I like to laugh…and I sure love to love. For me, one of the finest things in the world is appreciation. Oh, not some big hoopla rewards thing, but the private thanks of a look, a sound, a tiny little gesture. Talk about smooth…. there is something so comfortable about working side by side with someone you appreciate and who appreciates you.

For November, the month which reminds us of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for this Sea of Love we swim "in and of and how our being. " Life, God, is an abundant Source of supply. So lately, when my Soul starts to gallop in my chest, I let it out for a run. And, I am not calling it back to the barn so often these days…. despite my fears. It is funny how I have shied away from the mysteries of manifestation.

Eric Butterworth (Spiritual Economics) says, "The grateful heart actually opens the way to the flow and becomes an attractive force to draw to itself great things." Now there is a thought that could throw the "fear of God" into me. No more…if I am a creative being then so be it. I've been having a good time experimenting with creations. In the quiet of my life, these little happenings just light me up. Perhaps, it is excitement pounding inside my chest. Perhaps it is not fear at all. Thanks, God, for the opportunity.
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