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Spirit Ride
By Donaia De Marco


And so, we begin a second round. November, 1998 marked the birth of "Spirit Ride," a monthly journey toward conscious development of a personal relationship with God, Higher Power, or Spirit…perhaps better known as the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost which have been spoken of so many times. We (mere or grand) human beings have been given the gifts of consciousness, free will, and creativity pervaded with infusions of Love and Light, all giving us an air of power and possibility. What will we do with our lives? Do we create "on earth as it is in heaven?" Joel Goldsmith wrote a book called Practicing the Presence, and it seems to me there isn't much else to talk about. As we individually discover our divine origins, we learn who we truly are and express accordingly.

Although, sometimes, practicing the Presence is easier said than done. The other morning at the grocery store in the checkout line, as I was wedged between a confused immigrant lady, a nail tapping, mother superior cashier, and an impatient carriage-ramming, eyes-rolling, well-dressed woman…I was a far cry from the fields of many flowers. It was a logjam! I was caught up in it right along with them. I became as judgmental of them as they were of this little lady who was having trouble making change. A nasty smog was coming off all of us. I had to go inside with the mantra "Om Nama Shivaya," a very helpful little ditty I learned from some rebirthers who had met with Babba Ji. The mantra was mostly for me…to keep me from pontificating my values all over their prerogatives. At first, I was angry with them, then I was afraid of my own self-righteousness; finally, I was ashamed…for not having said anything. Since I was having an attack of claustrophobia of the mental body, my mind was searching for escape. I even fumbled while writing my check, so strong was my desire to get me out of there. So, what I did was change my perspective…to (1) include myself, and (2) to call into the circumstances something larger than all of us, something soft and giving and expansive. As I practiced the Presence inside, I soon felt a shift, and things started to flow again. All became smooth and easy, and each of us floated along in our separate ways.

On the other hand, the other day on a clear, crisp October afternoon in New England, the sun sparkled like crystals off the ocean's ripples. My granddaughter and I had come to the shore to gather some sea rocks. It was low tide and boulders were exposed and drying in the sunlight. As we searched, McMuffin asked if she could climb up a not-so-big rock. I watched her closely, and she was careful, moving up on all fours. But, when she got to the top, she stood up and suddenly burst into song. I laughed and reminded her to pay attention to where she was standing. Next, she started to dance. I laughed again, and reminded her to pay attention to where she was located. Then she went into lyrics about the morning's events. "Cosmo (her yellow lab) was eating up the puzzle," "the cows were in the field," "Nana folded clothes in the laundry basket," "Moma went to work at Standard Times," "Daddy's a policeman;" all done to some tune that was running through her head. Well, I started to giggle, and so did she…and the squiggly energy spread throughout our whole bodies. We had a long spell of laughing and cavorting. We moved to bigger and bigger rocks. I went up with her…and had a few songs of my own (some about her). At some point we stopped and sat, looking out over the sparkling water, huffing `n puffing and smiling `n hugging. Slowly, we became very still as we looked out over the water. She quietly asked, "Nana, why does ocean make waves?" I coughed out a laugh as I remembered a complicated, scientific answer to that question. I let Spirit speak. I heard myself saying, "As the water gets close to the land, it pops up to say hello." She watched for a while. Then she laughed as she pointed at some foam on the water's edge. She said, "Look, Nana…ocean mak`n bubbles." It was an afternoon delight…complete with joy `n peace and truth `n love. Our shared state of consciousness came from simple appreciation, wholehearted self-expression, and a vast exquisite tranquility.

Sometimes we have to work at practicing the Presence, and at other times…well, we just happen into it, so to speak. Some days we are open and receptive enough to suddenly awake to find ourselves in the presence of our Maker, "the Substance of all form" as Goldsmith would say. We breathe and relax and then become still enough to experience the "I AM" God. I've read that reality is like an onion…multi-layered…and what you experience depends on where your attention is in any given moment. As I experiment with that premise, I realize the truth of its affirmation…that beneath the surface of what we can see, resides a vast, tangible, Holy, yummy energy…and beyond that…infinitely nothing…the great Void, so to speak. I suppose we call it "the Void" because we haven't defined anything in it just yet. We have not yet begun to freely fill it with the contents of our consciousness. Today, modern physicists have begun to fill it with the names of all kinds of particles and waves saying it is not empty but dynamic, a matrix so to speak. It seems to be a new frontier. I say thank you, God, for infinity and the precious gift of creativity. And thank you for the stream of Holy Spirit we seem to pass through as we go there. What a wonderful place this planet Earth is! We get to Love here. My November prayer is this: "Thank you, God, for the gifts of Light and Love. May humans everywhere come to realize the Love that they are. May they come to realize that through their individual expression of divine Love, there is great potential for joy and peace and truth and abundance in all that they do and think and say. We humbly thank you, Lord, for this gift called Life. Amen."

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