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"Let go and enjoy the ride!"

Spirit Ride
By Donaia De Marco

"Return to Warmth"

May gives us a return to warm weather, and last year, I wrote of how the warmth and good feeling of Love freed me to take risks in my expression of things. Being an "experiencer" of the powers of conscious creation, I know that we have a part to play in awakening peace and harmony…and perhaps Oneness wherever we go. Oneness cannot mean sameness…for I've seen sameness breed boredom, frustration, restriction, abuse, rage and violence. There seems to be an itchy part in every one of us wanting to break out of our social limitations to expand and explore the unknown of our individuality. We can't ignore this urge for fulfillment especially when we feel connection with Source. Somehow, we just feel up to venturing a step farther when we are feeling ourselves being integral to the whole. As we express from the divine origins of Love in us, we find ourselves in a medley of uplifting circumstances, letting the chips fall as they may, so to speak…discovering dimensions of ourselves that have gone unheeded.

And yet, there is another part of us that is afraid of the unknown, that is very uncomfortable with uncertainty. This is understandable because as we go deeper and deeper inside, we seem to go higher and higher in consciousness…meaning we get further and further from our personal comfort-zone. As particles become waves, we find ourselves inexperienced…surfing a turf of great power and unpredictability. When we were little babies and kids, we had all kinds of people telling us from their own experience how it "really" is…and we found stability in either accepting or rebelling against their view of things. However, as we step into this new domain of ambiguity called the unknown, we have entered the ineffable. We have stepped into the realms of innumerable possibilities, and we have caught glimpses of our unlimited potential. Yikes! Think about it…as we move deeper into the parts of ourselves we have ignored in our concentration on fear and survival, we are confronted with words like love, joy, ecstasy, rapture, creation, prosperity, unconditional love and a "peace that passeth understanding." And what do we know of these words? We know these words mostly as concepts.

Walsch says in Conversations with God, "Passion is the love of turning being into doing. It fuels the engine of creation. It changes concepts to experience." He goes on to say, "Passion is a love of doing" and "Doing is being, experienced." I think this is what metaphysicians are talking about when they say, "humans are an individual expression of God." They seem to be speaking of our ability to consciously create our lives by expressing ourselves from the soulful place within even though it's so scary to most of us. I don't know about you, but passion sometimes got me into trouble. I usually associate passion with extremes, and finding a place in a world that asks for conformity can be without many rewards. Walsch goes on to say, "to live your life without expectation, without the need for specific results…that is freedom. That is Godliness." I guess an expectation of being crucified throws a damper on our passion! How often in our personal lives have we restricted our truth in the name of accommodation, preferring to satisfy rather than risk our innate take on things?

However, the phrase, turning Being into doing, throws a new light on our fear of unlimited potential. Timothy Freke says in The Zen Koan Card Pack, "Zen is about becoming free to express your particular nature in natural harmony with all life." The natural harmony part is what is so intriguing because it is so grounding. When I am way out there in my individuality, I know there is a resting-place deep within the silence of myself where I can experience a divine order. Better to say I can reach a quiet place inside where I experience a coming together…when I experience a smooth, rhythmical falling onto place. My first realization is that I am safe and somehow things will be okay, correct…supporting all. Then...suddenly, somehow…everything around me seems so peaceful and beautiful. I think it could be called projecting a feeling of communion. It's the realization that who we are in all our individuality is the perfect fit for what is happening around us. Rumi writes:

So the sea journey goes on, and who knows where! Just to be held by the ocean is the best luck we could have. It's a total waking up.

So, we can drop the habit of wasting energy by wanting others to do it our way, and open to an appreciation for our position in life…a position of power and creativity where we are buoyed by a feeling of sustenance from Source. When we merely focus on what is happening outside of us, we lose sight of a wondrous world of equilibrium which is created by our individual expression from deep within our very nature. We have a place in All That Is. When we can ground ourselves in Love, we have a role to play in whatever is happening around us. We can't know what's best for all, but even scientists now know that human energy fields respond even when a person experiences no conscious sensation (Valerie Hunt, Infinite Mind: Science of Human Vibrations of Consciousness). Rumi writes, "We rarely hear the inner music, but we're all dancing to it nonetheless." Healers know there is a frequency of Love that is universal, and that on some level, this frequency of Love is shared by all. It's up to each of us to find that place within ourselves and to begin the practice of expressing ourselves from that lovely place in our daily lives. When our endeavors are "bona fide," we find communion with all that is. We ride the frequency of Love into the unknown with assurance, knowing full well that it's all a great big mystery. Namaste, my friend.

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