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Spirit Ride
By Donaia De Marco

"Subtle Changes"

March marks a month for subtle changes. Hints of spring point the way. One morning I awoke to the cheep cheeping of a little bird outside my window. Another morning I thought I smelled spring, that faint opening-earth aroma…just a touch, but it made me smile. A new beginning is about to manifest again. In April, vibrant little things will start popping out of the branches and ground while the bugs and birds come fluttering back. Inside, if we get quiet and go deep enough, we are becoming light-hearted and ready…even whether we realize it or not. This feeling is very subtle, especially if it's buried beneath the roar and din of "F them…poor me." We just might be too occupied in fear mode (fight or flight) to appreciate this love-ly new cycle we can spiral into. For it seems to me, the shift this millenium is from a fear-based picture of reality, which is fundamentally the territory in which we live, to a love-based picture of reality where there is peace in diversity, joy in working together, love including all, and a feeling of prosperity for everyone.

The wonder of the energy of love is that when we truly express it, we stop creating things to be afraid of…thus freeing ourselves from the distractions of fear, freeing more and more of our faith and trust. This shift in consciousness from a fear base to a love base does not happen overnight. As a seed sits in the dark earth, germinating and vibrating, it may seem as if nothing is happening to the naked eye. But, something is awakening, soon to emerge from the dreamtime of winter to yet another flowering of Love. We can go with the flow of this newness and allow ourselves to be lifted to the next "ever-widening gyre" …or not. We inhabit Mother Earth. She is a free will zone. However, another opportunity is arising to haul up our courage and express ever more love for all that is, trusting that the manifestations of our love will bring even greater harmony. Yes, my friends, very delicate, subtle changes are occurring on the inside of us at this time of year, in this new century, in this new millenium…and we can go with the flow them if we wish…or not.

The problem for us is that love and fear seem so inextricably tied together. It appears impossible for us to love without getting hurt…or even betrayed. Neale Donald Walsch says in Conversations With God that "in the moment you pledge your highest love, you greet your greatest fear. For the first thing you worry about when you say 'I love you' is whether you'll hear it back. And if you hear it back, then you begin immediately to worry that the love you have just found, you will lose." From my own experience, we might also add to the baggage of our love trip a fear of the loss of one's own self …a fear of being ingested by the relationship. To complicate matters, we have come to believe in our competitive society that to lose is to become something less. That is why our relationships can feel like battlegrounds at times. Best to stay away…or at least at a safe distance…from each other. Walsch says we learn to put conditions on our love from our parents, and that "we have forgotten what it was like to be loved without condition." Being unable to conceive of unconditional love, we don't create it, and therefore we have had little to no experience of it. So, we keep recreating and reliving our conditional love, hurting and getting hurt…wondering what or if we are doing wrong.

One of my lessons from firewalking is: "Yes, fire burns…but at any given moment, it doesn't have to burn me." What the practice of firewalking graphically showed me is that if I change my frame of reference, I get different results. It is said there was a poster in the 60's with Sachitananda riding a surfboard which read, "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf." Firewalking, surfing, loving…interesting words to be using in the same breath. I was in my early fifties when I realized (made real for myself) that trust is simply a choice. Prior to that, I trusted only what I personally loved and got busted! Then I trusted no one…especially myself. Now, I know trust is a choice…as faith is, reverence is, respect is, and kindness is a choice. It's scary to choose to trust, to choose to be safe in any given moment. Trust frees our creative energy so we can be who and what we really are. We take risks when we feel good…safe, connected, yet free. Thigh Nhat Hanh in Wherever You Go There You Are says, "The breath is your anchor line to tether you to the present moment, to guide you back when your mind wanders." I find in those moments when I choose to trust, breath is my companion to remind me to tune into Source with a frequency of gratitude. I feel part of the whole…the Holy…just fine…divine.

Maybe our job is to bring ourselves Home again. Can we conceive of "waking up and living in harmony with oneself and with the world" (Wherever You Go There You Are)? Harmony has such a nice ring to it…like a soft curve. Yes, I can imagine it. We can simply bring a fresh love to our daily encounters. We can breathe and relax…trusting that what is there is simply there to be loved. What kind of a day might we have? What kind of warmth and beauty will we create? One thing about not having aggravation in our lives is that we are freer to create. However, if we are not sure or even comfortable with of ourselves, then consciously creating might feel like dangerous ground. But, we can stop in any moment, get quiet, and plug into the Love frequency in one of the many lovely ways we know how. After a while, we might feel moved to step into a love beyond what we have known. Remember: "Man was made to love and everything else was made to make love possible" (The Cloud of Unknowing, Anonymous). And, also remember... we are in a season of subtle changes. Experiment with breathing gratitude and trusting love…in the little moments. It can be great fun...for who you are in this moment is exactly where you begin your next.

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