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Spirit Ride
By Donaia De Marco


I keep getting an image of rich, raw dirt as it turns over when we first rototill the soil in our garden. That's what June feels like to me...getting a first look at the new soil we will be working with. We've been milling around in the year 1999 for about six months now… germinating and catching glimpses of what we are creating/discovering at our new level of consciousness. My glimpses this year have been feelings of love, a gentle calm, and an extraordinary sweetness. I'm more used to the go-go-go of getting things done after contemplation and talking. Being busy…especially if the business is serious…has occupied my life for very many years now. But this June…well…I will admit I've been getting a slightly different picture.

I seem to be into peace and beauty this year…a beauty that is tangible, kinesthetic and palpable to my Soul. When we operate without judgement, an edge gets honed. Somehow, in those moments without judgement, we easily slice through the raggedness and step into something pristine…perhaps discovering we are able to linger there for longer and longer periods. Suppose the game of life is not monopoly but love…with all the kindness and consideration it inspires, the peace and harmony it creates, and the growth and expansion it cultivates. Perhaps it is because the spring is so "spring" this year that I am feeling so safe…so ready…and so uplifted. Imagine being able to envision a steady diet of beauty and love…giving a good-bye wave to discord, resentment, and opposition as they drive off down the road. Ummmm… something in me is stirring into warm, smiley fun. "Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me."

Perhaps this penchant I'm feeling for harmony and the creation of beauty is just a good fit for the essence of me. Something feels authentic about what is emerging as the ground from which I am willing to operate. Oh…there's still the active me, doing my thing of assisting others to actualize some of their aspirations, but I seem to have a new slant…or more correctly, a new focus. Having put out a mantra\affirmation of "smooth and easy" for several years now, I feel that something has started working. I have learned that a good bit of love needs to be expressed in some form or another to make things smooth and easy. However, although an enriched quality of love is required to stir a wounded, hardened heart, sometimes only the tiniest gesture is required to open the floodgates. Building up more and more trust soon becomes faith…faith in the power of Love to shake up a world of our making. With this faith, we find the courage to extend and explore our potential for expressing love again and again and again.

Spirit recently introduced a new book to my consciousness called Love without End by Glenda Green, and I am learning about "the Sacred Heart". I call this book "Pasta Perfecto!" for its timing. Green's premise is that life is "love in action." That's the very ticket for this train of thought I've been conducting of late. I've seen myself and others being so caught up in griping…"things aren't the way I want them to be"…and wasting precious time. All we have is now…this minute, this place…to be Real…to be in joy and truth and peace and love…no matter what, no exceptions. To be of service on this planet, we are going to go beyond obligation and conscience. We are entering the realm of abundance where giving and receiving are natural and spontaneous exchanges of compassionate hearts. Feel it. It is near. Clarity and simple loving intention are the call to order as we are whisked away on a plane of higher consciousness…remembering how it once was. We are relaxed in "the everlasting arms of God." Sounds peachy…and it is.

So, where's the rub? Where's the little catch that causes us to pull up and jump back into who we've been? It seems the only rub is our own disbelief, our own cynicism, and our own fear that we will be betrayed again. But, hey…have you noticed that betrayal is becoming old hat? If anything is repeated often enough, we seem to acquire a kind of immunity to it. Lately, I have become more diligent about the ways that I betray myself. Eating even after my stomach is full, staying long after I know it is time to leave, ignoring my inner knowing, subtly slipping into survival worry, succumbing to the aggravation of my judgmental mind….these are all mine to be forgiven and released…forgiven and released, forgiven and released. Green says, through the medium of Jesus, "Life is a veritable river in the fluidity of its possibilities." So, it is logical then that we unload the stiff baggage of the past often and as thoroughly as we can, so we can start commanding those "adamantine particles" with our own unique form of Love.

Oh, yes, my friends, our authenticity is an integral part of the Whole. I believe we are here to foster beauty in all its myriad forms. In my picture of reality, beauty is allied with Divine Order. It is filled with harmony and synchronicity and adorned with clarity and grace. Its heart is compassion. Its soul is Love. It speaks the truth of our existence. We are the offspring of a loving Source, and yes, we do have the freedom to make choices as to what we bring to our immediate environment…no matter what.

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