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Spirit Ride
By Donaia De Marco


I guess evolving is like an eternal makeover. It's a perpetual making-over of the fabric of our being. It goes beyond who we think ourselves to be or who we ever thought we could be. Suppose that on some dimension in the interior of our being, we discover a beauty beyond our wildest dreams. Not that we are a thing as we so often consider each other to be…at least that's how we treat each other…as things, that is. But we all have stumbled into moments when we were creatures of great grace and harmony, awakening a creative flow in our worlds in conscious as well as inadvertent ways. We've all had our moments when we were touched by the presence of beauty and experienced deep gratitude. We've all had our moments when we cried because of a precious expression from another human being. Yes, we have tasted the Love which physicists call the energy of cohesion, which goes beyond the laws of attraction and repulsion. We are lovers pure and simple…especially as we remember kindness and respect. Imagine coming to the realization that we may have incarnated at this time in human existence to evolve to express Divine Love. And, the fun is we each get to do it differently…each in our own natural way. Oh, we'll gravitate to our kin-ships, but honoring diversity fosters a wide playground with no fences or walls to climb…or bust through…or blow up!

We each can aspire "to reach a level of vibrations where one is divine simultaneously with his mortal nature" (Hunt, Infinite Mind: Science of Human Vibrations of Consciousness). And, we know the journey isn't always easy…"the dark night of the Soul" being a big case in point. As we fine tune our instrument (mind, body and soul) and learn to maintain its integrity, we may run into challenges, so to speak. As emotions get released from the blockages in the body, we may experience pain or discomfort. As emotions begin to run clear, we may have to face some demons of our own fear and anger (yikes!). And, we definitely may have to get a grip on some of our escape mechanisms so we don't go spinning off into fantasy, sex, prescription drugs, shopping, food, work, complaining, judging, smoke, illness, spirit guides, or anxiety about not doing enough. You see, as we begin to approach the Divine flame within, we may have to experience increased degrees of ecstasy as we get closer to the fire. I'm not talking about some pill our young'uns seem to be taking although the metaphor is informative…the young ones seem to want to ingest ecstasy into their lives. We know the trip…like us looking for love in all the wrong places. We reached outside ourselves and experienced betrayal. We then went inside when it was the only place we hadn't been before. We learned that ecstasy is something that comes through us from the inside out, like love.

I don't know about you, but I usually got into trouble for laughing…at home at school, at work. There was always some stern eye pulling me back into serious mode. It wasn't easy for me as a kid cause I loved to laugh…I usually felt all serendipity inside. Even now…I get eyeballed for taking things too "lightly." Someone barked at me the other day in the grocery store, "What are you smiling at?' Yikes…was that a demon from times past? We seem to have developed a terrible acceptance in our society: it's ok to laugh if we are putting someone else down (ergo, Leno, Letterman, Miller, the god-father Rickles, and the Saturday Nite crew). At least the new comedians also find themselves funny, too (ergo, Will 'n' Grace, Dharma 'n' Greg, Frasier 'n' Niles, and the Friends crowd). Our laughter has been used as a weapon. What happened to the pure glee of a shared silly moment? My granddaughter mcMuffin and I giggle. How de-light-ful we get on our adventures in the park, at the beach, and in the stores. We both relish our play together cause it feels so good somehow for each of us. Driving home the other day, she quietly voiced from her car seat in the back, "I was good for you today…huh, Nana?" I smiled and said to her in the rear view mirror, "Yes, oogly-googly, we had a very fine day." Then, silently I nodded and said to her reflection in the mirror, "Yup, Riley, that's for sure one way to put it!" Then I intoned to her, "I hope I was good for you, too, today?" "Yeaaaah," she replied, shyly looking away.

We are growing, evolving organisms, who have been given the gift to freely choose how we move about in space. That is to say, we have been given the gift of being able to individually choose how we use our time…each and every moment. I can spend my time crabbing and complaining, moanin'an'groanin', eyein'n'buyin', couchin'n' TVin'…or I can flick the switch and go on automatic pilot. How often do we switch on cruise control and go through the motions of decorum, job description, or family obligation…feeling safe within the confines of social structure no matter how often we might feel squeezed at times. And yet, it is exactly within these confines of daily life where we find the opportunities to take our love a step beyond.

It seems to me that it is understatement to say our love is "under-expressed." Imagine more times in our daily lives expressing Love. Just think about making it a higher priority. The ingredient of Love is vital for mind, body and soul to operate with integrity. Love is Spirit, God…the Super Force which animates us and all else. My shoulders slightly roll as the Reggae beat of "Don't worry…be happy" emerges in smooth, bouncy sound vibrations from the depths of my being. Ever notice how clean joy is…how free?…how clear? It's healthy for us to express our love and to let others express their love in our presence. Be brave, my friends. Our evolution is primed by the flow of love and joy. Namaste.

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