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"Let go and enjoy the ride!"

Spirit Ride
By Donaia De Marco


Last July, I wrote of how unity is forever forming into greater potential (Green, Love Without End), and how we are so enamored with the survival of our separateness that we may miss our mystical moments and trample all over our budding potential. What I am saying is that in our urge for independence, we may miss being spiraled upward by our various experiences in life. One thing about an experience is that it will certainly have an effect on us if we allow ourselves the gift of opportunity. We can go through our experiences with varying degrees of numbness, protection and barking, but there comes a point in our independence when we realize how much of our energy is being sapped by our defense mechanisms. Perhaps that's when we might start letting go and letting God, as is written so many different ways.

I believe we have a choice about being spiraled upward by our experiences. Before water becomes steam and disappears, it must go through a transition state, which from a psychological perspective, is confusing and terrifying. It is a state of perturbation; scientists call it "the edge of chaos". Keep in mind that for water to become ice, it must also pass through an edge of chaos. We seem to be less afraid to become rigid in our beliefs and lifestyles because the process of turning to ice appears to be slower process. Water turns to steam and disappears quickly once the boiling point has been reached. Perhaps that's the final insult. There appears to be nothing left. At least with a chunk of ice, we can keep solid for quite some time as long as the environment is cold enough. As a block of ice, we have a sense of occupying space…so we do in fact exist. However, don't warm up around ice cubes. They'll zap you every time. Makes you want to close down, turn on the freezer, and roll out the artillery. Or, we can simply wish them well and move along, enjoying the warmth and freedom of interactions with more free-flowing systems.

Asian medicine is based on increasing diminished energy and releasing and therefore toning down excess energy. We humans seem to be all about flow, balance, and harmony. Here's where independence and integrity merge. Usually we define our independence by comparing ourselves to other people. Our independence depends on feeling definite that we are not as they are. In fact, independence seems to be based on a belief that we are better than they are. I have discovered that to be simultaneously independent and harmonious requires a focus different from concerning ourselves with what others seem to be doing. With integrity, the focus is on what's happening inside us. In our interior world, we are ultimately alone with God, independent so to speak…but…we are operating from a precious point of creativity. What we create depends on where we focus. If harmony, unity or Oneness is our goal, if kindness is a value…then we allow inner adjustments to be made by the very moments of Oneness themselves. We let go of fears and judgements and allow the Divine to vibrate through us. When my senses pick up a Divine vibration, I smile in appreciation. When I am feeling connected or plugged in, I feel a contentment that's both safe and empowering. When I sense a pulse in Oneness, I start to experience a rhythm in the flow, and I surrender to that rhythm and let it take me home. That's when I feel free to express from my deepest Self.

Valerie Hunt, in her book Infinite Mind, defines health as "the perfection and maintenance of a dynamic energy field which is flowing, coherent, and strong, giving it the capacity to vibrationally interact." Integrity seems to be what we bring to any experience for interaction to occur and transaction take place. Flowing is essential to transaction, but coherent is the key word because it implies indivisible, inseparable, and cohesive. Is there really a vast Unified field or do we somehow create a consciousness of it as we awaken and express our joy and truth and peace and love? We can try to resist the vibrancy of Divine Love and we can try to run from it…or, we can stay open and breathing, allowing the flow to take us, letting ourselves be joyfully transformed by it. As we transform, our independence may seem to disintegrate because we start losing any idea that we are anymore. Our identity, as we have held it, is no longer there…and it doesn't seem to matter. The ice is melting. Oh my, how can we be self-righteously indignant in moments like this? We find ourselves in entirely different shape, in the same or different situations but from a very different perspective. Health seems to come from discovering and maintaining a flow through daily prayer and meditation. Integrity seems to come from letting this sacred energy flow out of our pores. Myrtle Fillmore called it "pressing God out of us". We may be not who we thought we were.

Oh…we've all had immediate experiences both good and bad that catapulted us into the shadowy category of "no longer the same". Or, we've had a series of experiences over an extended period of time which, when we glance back, began in a way we could never begin again. From our present position in space, we can go anywhere psychologically, and often we do not go back…we're just not interested any more. Ah, but moving ahead…that's quite another story. Can we handle the growth? Can we handle the beauty? My plants reach to remarkable sizes and colors when the soil is good, the wet and dry cycle is maintained, and the light is just right. It's amazing what a little tending can do. Pray and meditate daily…that's what I know about the creative process. In order to cultivate my integrity and therefore my independence, I practice the Presence. When I do practice, I start to vibrate in a way that feels awesome to me. I feel at home in it. In my experiences of Divine union there is a most comfortable feeling letting me express from the depths and heights of my Being. Perhaps, we all have some sort of home template from which we can fly in the face of circumstances. Expanded by vibrations from Source, we all may create/experience a wonder which nourishes and enlivens us as well as others who may walk near. Namaste, my friends.

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