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"Let go and enjoy the ride!"

Spirit Ride
By Donaia De Marco

"Beginning Again"

January is a month of new beginnings. It is yet another opportunity to actualize more of who we really are. This opportunity has been built into the structure of our reality through tradition. So, right now, at this time of year, there's a big engine of new-year planetary consciousness supporting us…all gassed up and ready to fly. It's a good time to let go of some of the outworn and set some intentions.

January is also the beginning of winter, Nature's time of rest and dreaming. She's quietly gestating for the Spring of inspiration. Winter is a good time for our more introspective work. Being colder up here in New England, we pull in and "hunker down" as they say, curling into ourselves. (Often we turn it into a scowl and we get to growling under our breath at one another.) Nonetheless, January is an opportunity to consciously begin the creative process again…the process of forming and re-forming our relationship to ourselves and our world.

Since I am my greatest work of art, I once more have the season and circumstances available to me to begin a new creation. Where am I situated? Who is in my immediate community? What will come knocking? What matters to me now? Where do I want to go? What baggage do I want to bring? What do I want to discard? What tools do I have available? What kind of a world will I create where I can live with some comfort and meaning?

These are all questions of human existence which underlie our daily transactions. How will I shape my reality to suit my evolving self? And…God knows who that evolving self might be because I certainly don't. All I know is what feels right…for me. Perhaps, it is just as simple as they say…surrender what we have known and welcome the new. As I encounter life's daily trinkets, I have the opportunity to engage my world and myself wholeheartedly…not with some justified half-heartedness…but with a new attitude of credence.

What is different in me this year is a deeper awareness of the potency of faith and more of a passion for joy and truth and peace and love. To me, these all fall under the umbrella term of beauty…for isn't beauty a harmony of whatever's? My new reverence is just a baby…though not so innocent. When we reach to complete the whole in some extraordinary embrace…like a pea and a pod …we somehow, by our natural rhythms and clear intentions, manifest new forms and new ideas for everyone involved. I've seen people sparkle with glee in some of these moments of Oneness that just seem to bubble up when we are focused, open, and flowing.

Hallelujah! See something is emerging. Get yourself quiet enough and still enough. Residing deep in the ground of home and family and work and friends, we can listen for the whispers from within and remember the images from our dreams of both day and night. We can let our imaginations sail on wings of faith as we feel "the earth ever so slightly come up to meet us" as we walk a path of devotion. Devotion to what …well that's up to you…isn't it?

Right this moment Celine Dion is singing the Ave Maria out of the speakers on either side of my computer screen. The sound is pure, simple…fluid …uplifting…a bird-song. Yesterday, I watched Jessica Lange on a program called Inside the Actor's Studio as she spoke of her art and craft. She became as she spoke a shape-shifter…astounding with no rehearsal. What became progressively clear to me was her ability to be in the moment, so complete was her absorption in what she was saying and moving. Her body was having an encounter with the questions…as Celine is having an encounter with that classic song.

Happy New Year…1999! How far will you let your "joy and peace and truth and love" take you?
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