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Divine Design
By Glenda Pittard

"Truth Discovered or Truth Evolving? "

Believing is a choice. So which would you rather believe?

I see no reason to change. I am quite comfortable the way I am.


I am constantly evolving into more of who I desire to be.

Once we discover what is our Truth, we are well on the way to shining bright in our worlds. So, is it a matter of committed daily practice of what we have discovered of Truth, without wavering? or Do we practice what we know to be true until it no longer serves us?

We have made a commitment to live our lives in Truth. We now speak our truth and act from our truth. There is no doubt in our minds that immersing in Truth is a most freeing experience. The struggles with the mind regarding what to do or what to say are diminishing. In freeing ourselves to Truth, we have also found quieter minds and more loving hearts. The Truth can stop the fast ticking away of the clock, for with quieter minds and loving hearts there is more time for the situations, relationships, and opportunities that present themselves with each new day. We now have time to take a closer look.

With open eyes we can observe our creation. We chose to stay the same: I see no reason to change. I am quite comfortable the way I am. OR we chose to evolve: I am constantly evolving into more of who I desire to be. The Truths we have discovered are our beliefs. Our beliefs are the creative power in our realities. Now with open eyes we can observe our creation, and deliberately decide to make it better. Go for more.

Whose believes am I holding as true? Where did they come from? There is an Avatar Resurfacing exercise that is very powerful in discovering underlying beliefs that are creating our realities. It is time to take a closer look.

The 5 Minute Exercise

Take a few minutes with the following list. Write spontaneously, this will actually be fun. If you try not to censor yourself, the exercise is sure to be path to new insights and positive change.

(remember write your first thoughts)
  • Yourself
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Governments
  • Work
  • Ability
  • Health
  • Family
  • Future
Now, the exercise gets really fun. The three thoughts under each category are beliefs that some part of you is holding as a personal Truth and that personal Truth is creating your reality. With a quick review indicate which are "supporting" (S) your ideal reality, and which are impeding (I) your ability to grow into more of what you desire.

With this simple exercise comes a recognition of beliefs that we desire to change. With the desire to change, the process of evolution begins. Combine that desire with deliberate action and there will soon be a shift in your thinking, actions, and the world around you.

Chose a 1-3 impeding (I) beliefs, construct an affirmation to create a shift that supports the life that you want to experience.

For Example if your impeding beliefs about Relationships are:
  • Too late
  • Confining
  • Painful
Your affirmations may be something similar to this:
  • I have plenty of time to find the perfect relationship for me.
  • As my relationships grow, freedom also grows.
  • My relationships are filled with joy; together we smile and laugh out loud.

Marianne Williamson quotes the philosopher Schopenhauer in her book Illuminata as saying,
"Every truth passes through three stages before it is recognized. In the first, it is ridiculed. In the second, it is opposed. In the third, it is regarded as self-evident."
How often we overlook our role in creating our experiences - ridiculing the truth. How often we boldly justify our actions, shifting the blame to another - opposing the truth. Now is the time to realize that each part of our experience is our creation; it is self-evident.

Take action, use your affirmations. Have fun creating, my friends. Celebrate today as it is, create tomorrow as you want it to be.

Quote from Touched by an Angel:
"The truth will set you free. The truth will set everybody free. But that doesn't mean it's gonna fall right into your lap. You gotta go find it first."

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