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About the Author

Glenda Pittard is the one of the original founders and the owner of Love Letters International (LLI). Conceived in 1995 and born in February of 1996, the LLI site sprang from a simple desire to support and enhance real Love. Growing and exploring all aspects of "Love", Glenda began to realize that incorporating a conscious spiritual path into every area of her life is truly the path to Love.

Professionally, Glenda has proven her abilities in the business world through a successful career specializing in Marketing, Business Development and Logistics. As an understanding of "Love" grew, there was a realization that her mission extended beyond the corporate world. Glenda began a full time commitment to the "entire world" through the connection of the world wide web.

Leaving corporate America behind in June 1998, Glenda became an Avatar® on the way to creating a new life. Presently, Glenda is taking daily steps to fulfill her mission through the LLI site, as well as, promoting spiritual events, authors, speakers and musicians, writing a column called Divine Design and two separate books involving "Love" and "spirituality". Since November 1998, participation in every Whole Life Expo across the country has allowed for even more opportunities to merge "work" with spiritual growth and the path to love. Exploring and sharing the journey with others is a learning experience for all that actively participate.

Glenda has been an active Sunday School teacher at the Unity Church of Austin since 1996. She also participates in Master Mind groups, monthly drumming and a local spiritual women's group called W3. Personally, Glenda is both grounded and lifted by her commitment to real Love, her Goddaughter, family, and friends.

Mission Statement:
"To support, motivate, and assist in the discovery of true potential."

Glenda Pittard

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