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Divine Design
By Glenda Pittard

"The Simple Truth"

Believing is a choice. So which would you rather believe?

I say exactly what I think other people want to hear. I act as I think others want me to act. I think it keeps things simple.


Reflecting the simple Truth, I am completely free to be me.

Again the choice is ours. What we choose to believe is what we will ultimately experience. So, we begin the search for Truth. Looking, not for someone else's Truth but the real Truth; the Truth that will set us free. For it is with this Truth that we are free to 1) create boldly, 2) live without compromise and 3) follow our unique path with no regrets.

We must begin with the simple Truth in our daily lives. Most learned at an early age whether it is safe to speak the Truth or not. Although, each of us grew up in this world as a little child knowing and speaking our Truth, we quickly were "taught" the ways of our parents. Some chose to follow this, others did not, but regardless these teaching still effected our ability to be honest with others and ourselves. In seeking our ultimate personal Truth, we must start with a simple foundation of being honest in our daily lives. How can we possibly begin to live the Truth of God when we lie to our parents, spouses, children, friends, or clients?

Do we accept invitations when we are tired and need some time alone? Do we complain that traffic was bad or admit that perhaps we should have left earlier to reach our destination? Do we say I can't afford it, when the Truth is it is not really a priority purchase? Do we say I have been too busy to call, when the Truth is we haven't felt like talking? We all could fine-tune our spoken word and actions to reflect the Truth accurately, reduce misunderstandings, and create the freedom to be who we are accepting both the consequences and the rewards.

A little child, an innocent child, knows Truth; even feels Truth. Growing up they will continue to express Truth throughout their lifetime if supported and guided by example. There is nothing more beautiful than the innocence of a child for they represent the Truth in all its glory. A little child or someone with a heart of Truth is filled with wonder and love. A child innocently says, "Wow, what makes you so big?" instead of whispering "That man is fat". Kids grin and say, "I love your pink hair" instead of trying not to stare. They are free, having fun, and they are expressing the Truth that we all are seeking to find again for ourselves.

We are given free will, so we can chose to speak a lie or express the Truth. Ultimately, the Truth will be revealed either way. One of our greatest spiritual leaders, Jesus, is quoted in Luke 8:17, "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad." Many live a life full of fear, wasting energy on covering the lies from yesterday, constantly creating turmoil for themselves and those that care for them. There is a solution, simply return to Truth and start a new.

Yes, we decide for now. But ultimately we must all become as little children. Ultimately, we will all reflect the Truth. The choice is ours, we can do it now or we can do it later. We can make a conscious choice or wait until our back is against the wall. Oh, imagine the great difference in expressing Truth freely, versus the unveiling at a time that we did not consciously decide.

To live our lives as children of our God/Goddess, growing into spiritual maturity, we must start by being honest with ourselves. Making a commitment to hold ourselves to the Truth will not be a boring existence, by any means. Often representing the Truth can take great courage. Each time we courageously speak the Truth, regardless of our fears, we will grow stronger. The strength we gain from telling the "simple" Truth will be the key to discovering our ultimate personal Truth.

My Commitment to Truth:

I have not always been Truthful with myself. I have not always acted the way that I felt led to act. I sometimes let others opinions guide me, although my heart is not comfortable with my decision. Today, I make a commitment to speak the Truth freely in the simplest and smallest matters and to courageously speak the Truth regardless of my fears.

I realize that the Truth will set me free. As I continue on my spiritual journey, my life reflects the Truth.

At first the journey may seem haphazard to us and to those around us, for consciously living every area in Truth may be a new experience. Repeating the commitment above and engaging in a conversation about our commitment with those close to us, will launch us into the discovery of our ultimate personal Truth.

"I have deliberately decided to seek my Truth, find my Truth, and live my Truth. Please be patient with me, I am in the process of "changing my mind to reflect my Truth."

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