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Divine Design
By Glenda Pittard

"Divine Design or Luck?"

Believing is a choice. So which would you rather believe?

There is good luck and bad luck; both are bouncing around randomly leaving joy with some and despair with others.


Life offers each of us an opportunity to deliberately fulfill our hearts desires.

Believing one or the other of the above statements can have a very powerful effect on our life experience. If we choose to believe that something outside ourselves controls our destiny, then that statement becomes true in our experiences. If we choose to believe that we play an active role, then our whole world begins to shift. Choosing to believe that we participate in the creation of our life experience eliminates chance. Our lives become filled with meaningful guidance directing us to our hearts desires.

The decision is yours; we are all given free will. The first step is simply to want to believe. A desire to believe, just like any other hearts desire, will be granted.

Wanting to believe does not automatically allow us to feed the multitude with a few loaves and fish, but a desire to believe will clear our vision to the proof that is ever present. As this visible proof seems to grow before our eyes, so will our strength in the belief that we are part of the creative process. With enough proof, we always believe. Once we truly believe in our active role, then we are on the open path to knowing it is true. It is there in the comfort of knowing that the miracles begin to unfold around us as quickly as we can turn our head to see something new. On this journey some of us will need more proof than others, but even though the distance between wanting to belief and knowing can vary greatly; we will all arrive with perfect timing.

Let's take a look at two different situations you are experiencing in your life at this time, one experience that seems to uplift you and another that seems to hold you in an uncomfortable position. Being completely honest with yourself, answer the following questions about each experience. Let the answers flow quickly without any judgement.

What comments have I made about this situation in the past? Today? In my predictions for the future?

What feelings have I had in my heart about this situation in the past? Today? In my predictions for the future?

What beliefs do I hold as truth about this situation? Today? In my predictions for the future?

Are my actions in line with my hearts desires?

Review your answers with the heart of an observer, recognizing your part in the situation is easier from an open heart. Do not judge yourself for any decisions, thoughts or actions, but do understand how they created the reality you are experiencing. Close examination of any current situation or circumstance whether it is a significant relationship, family dynamics, career, finances, and even our spiritual growth; will bring a realization that this life is not happening to us. This life is happening through us.

Quote from Touched by an Angel:
"What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now."

Divine Design will explore our journey of life from the foundation that we are co-creators with a higher power. It is from this firm foundation that we will examine our present situations until the truth sets us free, finding truth we will celebrate in the joy and wonder, then begin to deliberately participate in the creation of our new life experiences.

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