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"A love story exploring undreamed of human potential, as mere mortals unite to ride a wave of transmutation."

The Synopsis
Desire's Dance
By Donaia De Marco

Faith and Desire meet on a train traveling into the American heartland. As their intimacy increases in a medley of dreams, emotional exchanges, and playful interactions, they begin to sense that a mysterious Force is bridging the gap between them.

They are both traveling to visit friends, and they enter into worlds of unimagined possibilities. Faith is going to a metaphysical conference at the physicist Zeke's place, and Desire is contemplating joining an athletic consulting firm owned by his ol' buddy Ray Bliss. The fact that both Ray and Zeke are investigating how to activate human potential brings all the characters together at the mountain retreat in the southern Rockies. As Faith weaves her mystery throughout the story, they all click into a harmony as they play off one another in a funion of convergence that awakens a sense of family in all of them.

Desire soon discovers that many of the people already have incredible capacities, such as the ability to levitate, to dematerialize, rematerialize and to live much longer than is considered normal. He is immediately motivated to investigate personally.

He journeys down into an ancient cave with Voit, the levitating maintenance man, and has an experience that opens the door for him into the multidimensional possibilities of intense Light energy. When he returns, activated and invigorated, he inspires others to venture inward and upward in spite of their fears.

Faith discovers they may all have a shared purpose as Marbere, the midwife so aptly states, "A new being is coming into the world here. I can feel that ever-new reverence in my bones." The story closes with a ceremony, which carries them deep into their own potentials and lifts them beyond their wildest dreams.

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A few readers comments:
Desire's Dance "moved me deeply and seemed to open me up to limitless possibilities. I read the last page, closed the book, and knew that I was capable of ANYTHING."
Cheryl Teixeira
New Bedford, MA.

"...quite suspenseful in anticipation of what is going to happen next, and to whom? To see the personalities burst out of their cocoons into their own freedom and light, is exciting. ...Heartwarming and uplifting."
Leah Nichol

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