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Winning Entries

It's Christmas time again sweetie. Yes, it's that magical time of the year when angels sing, jingle bells ring, and reindeers fly. It's the one time of the year, I allow myself to search the scattered pieces of my heart and my mind to think about you once again. I am doing my very best to smile through this holiday season and not shed a tear for you. The air is chilly now, David, and my thoughts come few these days with the cold settling in my mind. I stay up every night during this time, burning a candle for you, to leave a light by the window so you can find your way home to me wherever I am. I am trying not to cry for you this Christmas but every time I think about you, how you were the only man I've ever loved, the tears just begin to fall and I can't help myself. I want you to know that I will never love anyone as much as I LOVE you. I will love you until the end of time. Every moment I had shared with you was so precious and few. I wanted to spend my whole life making memories with you but time was so cruel, the hands of fate ticking away, and I lost you for all eternity. I am so many thousands of miles away from you now honey, and I wonder if anyone has remembered to bring you flowers or bothered to clear the leaves that have piled up around you during fall. You must be getting cold now with the snow coming in, and covering you in a sheet of blanket. I wish I was there to keep you warm, through the cold winter. Oh David, I miss you so much. Why did God give me the one man I could love and then take him away from me? Every night in my sleep an angel flies into my dreams with wings of silvery light. He holds my soul and touches me, that angel is you. Thoughts of your smile, your voice soothed my aching heart. I hear your voice sent from heaven to me and everything is perfect. My angel lies down beside me, soft thoughts touching my mind, touching me by the light of true love. I know I've been fortunate enough to have found an angel, a love so divine as can't be found in the boundries of this universe that will stay with me for all my lifetimes. Tonight is the eve of two Christmases ago, David, and though you're gone from my arms, you'll never be gone from my heart.





Last night my life changed, but I have chosen to bend and not break. Make it a great day - twice as good as yesterday, but only half as good as tomorrow. Live your day in grace and kindness. Be yourself - that is the best gift to give the world.



I love Rock & Roll...put another coin in the jukebox baby....

Love comes deep from the soul, to know youre true love, that is where you shall find it. Wise words (I think). I love the web site E-mail:

Love comes deep from the soul, to know youre true love, that is where you shall find it. Wise words (I think). I love the web site Within my being is the ability to share with you
to listen without judgement
to be near you without "needing"
to trust your words
mostly to listen to your silence
for within this silence I exist!


"to love and to be loved is to feel the sun from both sides! "

manish bodani

Other Great Entries

Love is both happy and sad It's the pain of a kidnapped heart and the glory in knowing there is no escape.

Bianca Madeira



Love is the space between the stars and the light that shines from them. It is their heat and fire and the cold of the vacuum. Love is eternal, yet gone too soon. Love is essential, yet hard to find. It burns in us all, and we are warmer for it.

Diane Pollock

Love is what remains when all doubt finally fades away.

John Atkins

Love is listening when wishing for a beer. Love is slowing down, so she walks along side. Love is straightening the bed when wishing for a shower. Love is taking out the trash, so she sits along side. Love is change, an ever force of will. Love is now, a fleeting moment to moment. Love is you, the way my heart softens for you. Love is me, the way I feel around you. Love is us, the way God meant of us to be.

Samuel Lee

Love is the beginning of a journey, its end, and the journey itself.

mariam sayles


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Entrants grant Love Letters the authority to post and or publish entries without notification or compensation to the contributor.

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