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Interactive Columns

by Ralph L.
Travel with others into the world of the 12 Step Recovery Process. What you find here will be a collection of experience, strength and hope that is shared by millions of people worldwide! Online opportunities to discuss the process with other visitors anonymously. (monthly)

  • Spirit Ride

  • by Donaia De Marco
    An inspired teacher takes us through the practical application of spiritual truths. This column explores life as a fabulous adventure, giving guidance to make sure the journey is enjoyed. (monthly)

  • Divine Design

  • by Glenda Pittard
    An exploration into the creative process. Revealing the essence, celebrating the existence, and deliberately activating the creative energy that flows out from our hearts and into our world. Together we will become more aware of the signs guiding us along the path to our dreams. (monthly)

  • Heartfull Parenting - Lessons from CJ

  • by Tonia Jones
    Written by a metaphysical teacher and guide that has been learning life lessons from her son CJ since his conception. In this column, she shares these powerful lessons that help remind parents everywhere that if we are not clearly seeing the "light" of our children, it is not because they aren't shining, but rather that our vision is clouded. (monthly)

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