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"Create! Change! with Love"
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This is a list of a few of the dedicated companies and organizations that have a sincere vision to bring about change for our world. Love Letters International personally supports these innovative organizations.

Your participation in Change is valuable, in fact, it is essential.
Please, get involved in these or similar projects - for in giving of yourself, you are truly blessed.

Healing Together

The American Renaissance Alliance was founded by Marianne Williamson to be a growing connection between Spiritual Truths and our political processes. Local Citizen Salons are in operation allowing all of us the opportunity to participate. Like-minded individuals meeting with a common goal are certain to bring change that will bring us all closer to "Love".

New Directions in Corrections (NDIC), founded on the dream of David Smith, has a deliberate intention, "To make available educational, emotional and spiritual programs to those desiring to break the cycle of crime and suffering." Each act is in love or a cry for help, the men and women behind bars have sent out a cry for help. NDIC is responding.

Do today's prisoners have anything to do with you and I? Without a doubt. Any prisoner released into our communities without being given the tools to change, effects us all. What would your chance of success be, if all you were sent out on your own with a bus ticket and $100? Help bring the creation of hope to our nations prison system. There are numerous ways to help.

Compassion in Action (CIA) was founded by Dannion Brinkley, author of "Saved by the Light", to bring comfort to those passing on. No one needs to feel afraid as if they are passing away, the CIA volunteers offer peace to those passing into the light. Joining these courageous souls in their mission will bring each of us a brighter future.

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