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Spirit Ride
By Donaia De Marco


August marks the month of my birth and gives me pause for reflection about purpose and presence. Some say we humans are here on earth to learn to love; some say we're here to develop faith and consciousness; others say to heal. I've been amazed that all the things I had been taught as a kid about competition, protection-insurance, supply and demand, and about love equaling obligation are a far cry from the fields of many flowers. In my fifty-eight years, I have discovered a soft and breezy peace that is far removed from the self-made hero I started out to be. Even today, as I look out at some of those fancy "manifesters", I see and feel their anxiety and compulsion. Some have a driven quality about them that links them to external reality. Things and accomplishments are their points of reference. These traits may emanate from a disconnection from what Glenda Green calls "the Sacred Heart", the vehicle and conduit for perfecting and refining the fire of life as it moves through your life (Love Without End: Jesus Speaks)."

I know the way to perfect and refine is to forgive and release, forgive and release, forgive and release because that seems to be the only way to cleanly love someone you have hated or really don't care to be around. Perhaps it is a Zen compassion thing. A soft, quiet acceptance of difference within the jewel of Oneness can put a smile on your face. I sigh and look within wondering why I understand so little when a warm smiley feeling comes over me and all of a sudden it doesn't seem to matter whether I understand or not. Ever notice how things fade over time? Perhaps that is the release part of the equation. Green talks about "accepting some part of our negative legacy and the responsibility of transmuting it." I can remember my mother trying to teach me "forgive and forget," and me answering, "I'll forgive, but I'm not forgetting." I was playing hardball even as an eight-year-old!

Instead of forgiving and accepting, we walk around like a "controlled substance' or a "trying to get in control" substance…trying to stay out of trouble…cause we know there can be trouble…or has been in the past. Green says we encounter "threats to our certainty" so we can develop our faith and consciousness. She asks, "If you knew where you were going, where would be the faith? If everything were provided without effort or risk, what would motivate you to become fully conscious?" I have experienced times when all I had was my faith…everything else was a blur of nonsense. I'm sure you know what I mean…when in-coming information is so terrible and definitive…the Kennedy's know what I mean. There are times when things just aren't the way we'd like them to be, there's no running and hiding from it or wishing it wasn't so. But even a plane crash will fade as the media tries to make sense of the thing. It has been called "man's search for meaning." Some get caught in the past.

Discovering the love you are is an ongoing glorious journey. Oh, of course, it's not always easy given our penchant for attracting the opposite to us. Opposites give us more to resolve. Green says, "Once a soul has achieved both faith and consciousness, there is no further need to remain in the confusion of conflicting reality." Well, I'll be…no wonder a few people radiate serenity and a quiet splendor. Sometimes you see it in the grocery store as someone walks past with a simple, loving touch. Perhaps it is a momentary state of being, but I have spotted people who seem unconflicted. Certainly when a person gets up from a Reiki session they are unconflicted although a bit disoriented. Imagine walking around in an unconflicted state of being!

August, the month of my birth, reminds me of the thread that has run through all the me's there have been. Images flash through my mind of a little girl on a bike, a teen-ager who can shoot hoops, a college kid discovering information, a mother and a teacher. The list goes on. "What's it all about, Alfi?" the song sings. Green relates living to "participation, experience, and enjoyment." I agree…for one of the common threads in my journey has been in joy. I like to have fun…a fun that's sweet, quiet, rhythmical, and loving. Oh, believe me, I've had my miserable spells…losing my mother, splitting a family, losing a bladder. There have been times in the past when I found myself on the edge of saying to heck with it all and being surprised at such a thought arising from a helpless feeling hiding behind some anger in me. Those kinds of slips are hazardous to our health because all we have is the now, and the choices we make in the now are pivotal to the rest of our lives. It's called compression…your whole life in a moment. What a choice! Think of the power of your whole life in a moment…and each moment like that over and over again. No wonder the Zen master advises, "When you cut carrots, cut carrots!" Best to find a focal point. So, now I have fun doing what I do. It seems to me once you develop consciousness and faith, Love arises for that is all there is, and you will heal with your presence and the simple intention to heal.

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