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"Let go and enjoy the ride!"

Spirit Ride
By Donaia De Marco

"First Flowering"

Here we are again…in the first stages of a new beginning. Lime green is the color, the color of new growth. Ever notice the delicacy in the texture of brand new leaves…and the radiance? Here in New England we are encouraged at this time of year by the return of sun and streams of lime green outside our car windows as we drive down the highways. Add to that the reaching, leaning rounds of yellow forsythias and the hard-nosed tulips, and we've got the makings of a colorful backdrop which uplifts and buoys us on our journey into newness. As we begin to let go of thinking we are in control and begin to allow ourselves to relax into the warmth of pastels, we might easily follow their flowering and allow ourselves to blossom into the next phase of our lives. We are entering the new, an unknown where we risk who you've been and what we are holding on to. Ever notice how we are when we get off a plane in a new city? We lock ourselves down into habitual behavior until we've settled into our quarters? Only then will we breathe openly and allow ourselves to feel our energy interacting with the environment. So, here we are…just recently arrived in a brand new year, a brand new century, a brand new millenium…and it might be prudent to take note of how and when we are flipping into old behavior. It goes with the time of year.

Our tentativeness simply counterbalances the boldness of yet another first flowering of Mother Nature. I was looking at some crocuses peeking through the snow the other day. It looked like they were projecting an energy field of warmth to give them space from the frigid little flakes. They seemed huddled up against one another other in an effort to fend off the chill. I brushed the snow away from them with an intent to do what I could to assist them in their survival. You see, the human laws of self-preservation, self-interest, and self-profit are still at work in us as we put ourselves out there in the infancy of our recovery…a recovery of our Oneness with Source and all that is. We still do what we think is best for others, habitually projecting our fears and memories of difficult times in the past. And yet, as we continue to pray and meditate, practicing forgiveness, practicing the Presence in our daily activities, we find ourselves more and more involved in a world of synchronicity, a world where particles become waves and life seems full of so-called coincidences that amaze. We humans call it serendipity. Neale Donald Walsch says in Conversations with God, "Live in your God space and events become blessings, one and all."

And even further, April is the time of year in the Christian tradition to remember resurrection… a time to awaken from the dead and return to life, a time to bring something back to life, back into practice and use. Last April I had the privilege of watching a butterfly free itself from its cocoon. The crawling insect had spun its round of protection and died to the past…only to emerge in an entirely different form. Imagine! Sounds a bit like the master Jesus. This is quite a model for our own journey toward fulfillment. Sure, there were times in the past when it felt like my wings had poked through the shell and I finally shook myself loose…when I became the athlete I wanted to be, the teacher I wanted to be, the mother I wanted to be. But these are roles I have played or functioned as in my sojourn here on Earth. As I deepen my relationship with Source, I begin to see even my roles disappear. It now feels like there is a being behind these roles who is inseparable from Source…who is plugged into Source, so to speak. And with this experience of communion comes the gift of becoming more conscious of the waves and less conscious of the particles…shifts, tones, and hues move to the forefront. A spiritual sense of the world begins to replace a material sense of the world.

At the heart of resurrection, may be this simple insight: to change form means to change content…the content of our consciousness to be precise. Joel Goldsmith in his book Living Between Two Worlds speaks of "the realization that our consciousness has access to Infinity, and Infinity is flowing in us and through us and as us…now." Sounds like we humans can be a direct conduit for creative energy, healing energy, loving energy in any given situation in our lives. And, as we express more and more Love, we get to experience more and more Love, ummmmm…and others, as well as we, are thereby transformed by the infusion of Love. A nice circle, don't you think …an ecosystem for sustenance and growth? "But what will I be transformed into?" winces the part of me that is so fascinated with form. I've spent so many years worrying about shaping myself from the outside in without a clue as to the possibility of acculturating from the inside out…organically, so to speak…simply, basically and in harmony with my own inner Nature. The Holy Spirit seems to have awakened in me a realization that having dominion may mean creating and maintaining a little heaven on earth…like tending a garden in my own beam of consciousness. It is said in India that where a holy man walks, flowers within a radius of fifty miles spring into bloom no matter what the season.

So, April is the time of year when things naturally spring into bloom. It offers us a stage to resurrect in ourselves a sense of wholeness, a sense of Oneness with all that is. What a refreshing time of year…a time to awaken to the presence of God as the vitalizing Life Force. This spring, may we turn within…open…and receive the peace of God, and may we let it flow through us into our world. Let's blossom into Love and grow more and more into Light.

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